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Monday, December 3, 2007

The Big Shows Finally Here!

It’s down to the wire and we are pulling together the finishing touches. Posters, banners, t-shirts, chocolates, tables, decorations and displays. There is a lot more to it than we expected, but with everyone’s help we’ve been able to cross off nearly everything on our checklist. If you are out and about in Burlington or on UVM campus you should be able to spot a concert poster on most corners. The prints turned out great and are really eye-catching.

At the show you can purchase your t-shirts, chocolates and stickers. I’ll hold t-shirts for those who ordered them, but can’t make it to the show.

You’ll also have an opportunity to sign up as a representative of Support For Courtney to ask for silent auction donations. A list of businesses will be provided, but your input is welcome and encouraged if you have additional ideas on who to approach. A special meeting will be arranged to help coach you through ‘how to approach a business successfully’ and allow you to ask questions. So don’t hesitate to sign up!

If you still want to help with the concert, any form of display with pictures or memories of Courtney would be great. We have no definite decoration plans and would like to leave that up to you guys. Grab some streamers, balloons and posters and bring them on up. We’ll be at Metronome about an hour before the show, 8ish, to start setting up. Feel free to join us.

All the feedback has been great and we look forward to seeing you there!
(wed. 12/5 @ 9pm through the night.)



Doug/Dad said...

Court was outrageous today! She is eating like a horse... She walked with only someone to guide, she did the exercise bike, and climbed a full flight of stairs! The only thing better than her drive is her attitude.

Thank you Amber for all the news. And thank you everyboby from the family! Its only Monday, so stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Doug, for the positive news about Court. It is such a reassurance for all of us.
Keep us all posted on how Court continues to progress and on the Wednesday night fund raiser.
love to all, Sue and Ed

Melissa said...

Way to go Court! Sounds like you'll be doing the Long Trail before you know it...
Wish I could be at the concert tomorrow, it sounds great. We're busy over here in Maine organizing an benefit dinner/auction and a concert, hoping to rally the locals in support of an awesome girl!
Thank you to all, and I hope we can make it to the Crotch very soon!

Love, Melissa (poulin)

Valerie said...

That's our girl! So exciting, I can't wait to come see you again Court :) This Sunday, perhaps?

Hope that the concert tomorrow night is a huge success--I too wish I could be there...

Love to all,

Anonymous said...

Hey! Whats going on in Maine for benefit dinner/auction fund raising? Clue me in! - Nancy

Anonymous said...

Great to hear about Court's good day on Monday. Here in NJ we had about 40 people praying for her and all of you guys on Sunday!

To God be the Glory!

Tony Spaccarotella

Meltron said...

So excited to hear of your progress...getting right back to your active self!!

I'll visit the crotch soon enough :)