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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I've been a bit of a homebody the past couple days.  My only outing yesterday, was PT, and today it was for a brain injury support group.  Somehow, I've found found myself facilitating the Burlington day-time support group, and I find it helpful to attend other groups for ways to inspire the group I 'lead'.  There are some hard-core regulars, and even past therapists from my outpatient days.  Attendance of the daytime group was so unbelievably high, last week, I wanted to check out attendance of this group, which is usually large.  .Brain injuries are all SO unique, we can often relate one another's acquired  difficulties, but every combination is so vastly different.

A vision therapist was speaking at this group, which I was also interested in learning more about, oven my own questionable set of visual difficulties.  2 years ago I did a visual field test, and the improvement from 2 years before that, was unbelievable.  Between those 2 scans, from 2009, and 2011, it registered a 50% increase in my visual field! Tthat is, which parts of my eyes, are actually registering the information they're receiving.  I'll try to scan those images in, to demonstrate this miracle of my recovered eyesight.  I remember how fortunate I felt to learn I was a candidate for LASIK, in 2011.  Walking away from contacts, and glasses, changed my life.  Hands down, the best investment I've made, for myself.  The neuropathy in my fingertips, made putting in contacts impossible.  And yes, blue eyes are pretty, but they also refract the most light, so the sunlight can get pretty frustrating.  I literally get the urge to either puch the person nearby commenting on the sunlight, or to curl up in a ball, and hide my face from the sun, if I don't have sunglasses with me, and the sun magically appears.  Burlington is supposedly the 2nd most overcast city , in the US, and given how rarely we see the sun, I don't usually have them on me.  Well, on the bright side, my visual abilities are profoundly miraculous, and there's not a day that goes by, where I'm not thankful for that.  I'm undecided about vision therapy.  Normally, I'll sign up for anything that can potentially help me improve, but eye issues, with regard to the brain, but vision therapy is ambiguous,mand my case is do unique, I more used to being pushed aside, until, I can find a way to explain my difficulties.this transformation has been miraculous, albeit grueling day-in-day-out, I am so thankful for my own progression, and nowto have the opportunity to gibe hope to others in similar ,situations.

I've been so fortunate to have so many amazing souls touch my life, I hope that one day I'll be able to do the same for others.  Am I thankful for this injury, absolutely NOT!  But I am so thankful for theincredible  supportive help received along the way, and for many of the amazing, inspirational folks it has brought into my life.  I may have just found the upside, to the mostfrustrating, and challenging 6.5 years of my life. SCORE!

BTW, today's title is the name of my favorite Scissor Sisters track.  They're an English band, I was crazy about in 04/05, but I seem to recall them making noise here, soon after that.  I was looking for that cd, the other day, and trying to remember my favorite tracks.  So random.  But, a great song!


Dad said...

Nice job leading the group, as like your college days, you were always leading something.

And yes, I am grateful everyday as well for you incredible
Improvement in your vision!

You are a great example of taking responsibility and innovating to make change. One day there shall be an awaking and you and the rest of us shall recognize the grand purpose.


Julie/Mom said...

You never cease to amaze me with your attitude towards your injuries and how your life is progressing. THANK GOD things are improving and it is due to your positive outlook and energy. You never seem to let your circumstances get you down. I know we all have our "down" days but you keep on plowing right on through and come out the other side with new insights!! HOORAY!
Can't wait to see you this weekend!
Love you the most.