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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Super-duper day of riding freshies

I just wrote that title, and then thought to myself, I don't even know if people still use that term. Gah, it's weird that I've lived here o long, and m so out of touch with local lingo now. Oh well, I still live in this 'city' and live for days like today.
I got an afternoon lesson today. My roommate (properly, live in aid) was kind enough to take me up to Smuggs, in not so great driving conditions. Things were good, until we got close, and the roads weren't well cleared. It got a little tense, but we arrived, all in one, sturdy piece.

I was already to get out there, so we all hopped on the mountain shuttle. The more I get out to snowboard, the more I've begun to pick up on the limits of my abilities, physically, and mentally. The same with running, but snowboarding is vastly more social, because of all the support I need. Right now, my biggest goal is mastering the strength, and coordination to ride without assist. The scariest part of riding alone, is my vision. I see 20/20 now, but my brain cannot process movement, with any speed. I have a terrible habit of looking straight down, when I'm riding without help. I know some of that is from blind spots in my eyes, and it may also be easier for me to focus on an object not in my periphery. My vision difficulties, are an endless subject, even though I know see 20/20, my brain is slower at recognizing the images it takes in. That combines with my innate lack of tut in my physical condition, makes relearning my favorite outdoor activities, relatively frightening. Although, I figure, if I'm not pushing myself to create new y apes in my brain, it's a day wasted. This injury is single-handedly an unfathomable curse, while also, a unforeseen blessing. I realize this, more, and more through every adaptive opportunity, which comes my way.

The 2 you g men helping me at Smugglers Notch, outside jeffersonville, VT, were extremely open to my requests, of attempting to ride unassisted, and also get off the bunny hill. The bus dropped us off at the intersection of a couple trails, nearby an outbuilding. Did I mention Tuesday, was an epic powder day, because, it was! Snow came down for the majority of the afternoon. I'm not used to the powder, but my confidence is unrivalled. In soft snow, to inevitably tumble into. I'm far more comfortable turning from my toes, to my heels. Also, having a rather narrow trail, is pretty nerve-wracking visually. I fell a bunch, but could feel my confidence in my abilities, steadily growing. We also used a snow wing, which is an adaptive device, that wraps around you, in I wing shape. I was surprised to see it, as they hadn't had one, on my last trip there. Also, my only experience with it, was in Crested Butte, CO, the year before, and I wasn't aware of any eastern mountains,that were familiar with the device.

To be honest, I have a hard time with these devices, the stronger I get. I also catch myself putti g up a fight, a d then blanking on it, after I get my way, and it doesn't go as I'd hoped. Not cool, Courtney, not cool. Although, I usually realize this, well after the fact.
We made 2 runs down a lo g, narrow, winding path. Once with the snow wing, once with my go to, offhand held assist. All in all, it was a great morning to be up there!


Anonymous said...

You look awesome!

Wish I could do that. You will have to teach me next season!



Marti said...

I'd like to see a snow wing. Any pics?

I still LOVE that picture of you snowboarding with no assistance! You must have felt so proud! Yahoo!

Julie/Mom said...

I too would like to see what a snow wing looks like.
Glad you are getting out there and doing what you love! As your Dad says,"Wish I could do that." Enjoy your last month (if that) of boarding...
Love, Mom

Perilune ~ said...

Hi Courtney ~ we talked on the bus today and I followed your instructions back to blog spot! OMG you snowboard! Awesome! Great posts. Looking forward to our next visit.