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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thriller of a Thursday

Thursdays are traditionally my one, busy days of the week. i have the assistance of an awesome young woman, Hillary, for 8 hours. As time has passed we've become good friends. Thursdays are our epic yoga days, and we begin with an 8am class, and end with a 530 class. in between, i sandwich in most of my weekly appointments, from psychologist to voice coach, and occupational therapy. I hit hard this week, with yoga, voice, PT, and the psychologist, and more yoga. He keeps me running. This is my Amorites kind of day. I don't appreciate empty, unplanned time, yet I'm a terrible planner. Go figure. We kicked you know what, all day long, I am so thankful to have someone so high energy helping me get things one. Government funded programs could be so much more successful. I plan my days like that because I know she is able to keep me on track with all the details. I'm getting to learn to plan a head or my day, but far from perfect, so, I'll remember my sneakers or PT, as its on my mind, but forget my folder for voice, and as we leave she'll give me a verbal checklist of the things I need for each activity. Finding, I didn't remember my voice folder, back we go. At last, we made it o yoga, got our zen mindset, and binge ate breakfast, at the Chubby Muffin. Yum. I look forward to a banana chocolate chip muffin every Thursday now. AMAZING! By the time we got to power yoga at 5, I was rabid with hunger again. The instructor in this class s great, but the class moves too fast for me, so, I'm always 4 or 5 moves behind, awkwardly bending myself in ways tat never feel correct, or good, for that matter. The more classes I so, the more I want to become a certified instructor for challenged individuals. Falling over is part of my daily life now, and believe, that because of the yoga I've been able o practice since my injury, it's enabled my joints to remain fluid, as well as helped to promote strength in a more natural way. We all lose touch with the fact that we re all living organisms on this planet, and just take so many fundamental things for granted, because its all become so easy now a days. Having his injury has given me an entirely different lease on life, I'm just so happy now that I'm learning to appreciate it!

You thought I was done, didn't you? You should be so lucky! My adventures continue, as a friend from my favorite gear store had invited me to a house concert they were putting on. never one to pass up a chance to see live music, i immediately accepted. soo Amazing! At home, that evening, I realized I'd confused my Thursday eve. Plans, and the house concert I wanted to go to, was also a pot luck. Yikes, that meant cooking in a small amount of time. My housemate suggested a bean dish, as it was easy, and quick. Fantastic. It was done by the time, my friend Zetty picked me up. A band called Rusty Bell was playing in their living room, and the house was packed with people, some of whom, I knew, and others I didn't. Apparently no one realized the band, had a rather large following, and the place was crazy. I loved it. This was my kind of evening, great music, wonderful, encouraging friends. It was the kind of group, where I felt comfortable asking anyone for a hand. Even though we were packed in like sardines, I never thought about people getting out of hand, or getting trampled. It was such a calm, but joyous gathering. I feel like I've been emotionally trained, since my injury, to automatically expect the worst outcome, at events, but I find the more I go out, and socialize, nothing scary ever happens, I just realize over, and over what a cynic I've become, and how amazing this community is! . I just can't get over how welcoming/ helpful everyone was, now that I'm learning to come out of my shell again. What a great day!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is such a joy to read. I get hungry and worn out reading it (smile). Your seem to make the most of each day! Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for your upbeat sharing!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is such a joy to read. I get hungry and worn out reading it (smile). Your seem to make the most of each day! Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for your upbeat sharing!

Julie/Mom said...

I'm happy for your Thurs. Now you have to work on making all days like that....or at least a few more days like that. Hilary will be sorely missed when that time comes but hopefully you'll find another friend who's as charged up as she and works well with you.
The potluck concert sounds like a blast! Thanks for sharing your day, and night! Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

What an Awesome Day!
I also enjoy the yoga and Cubby Muffin part when I'm with the "Dream Team" on Thursdays! You guys are the best!

Marti said...

This entry is awesome! Happy T-Day too! Love you!

Aunt Marti