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Monday, November 19, 2012

Practice Thanksgiving!

Every year one of my old college friends, Chris, holds an event, the weekend before Thanksgiving, aptly called Practice Thanksgiving. Originally, it was a big group of UVM Outing Club kids. Now it's a cohort of outdoorsy young professionals who gather to watch ski porn, and eat like gluttons. Oh right, also to be thankful for where our lives have brought us.

The family has vastly changed in the past 5 years, though still, all very caring, and supportive of each other. I have fun every year, but I found that this year was incredible, asI can finally appreciate all of the amazing people, and opportunities I have in my life. This has been an extremely difficult road for me to follow, but, when I get he opportunities o hang out with people who knew me before, and now after, it brings me out of the wasteland, my bored mind envisions myself in. I had a opportunity to do some networking with a couple from a local adaptive program! Catch up with friends I had no idea still lived in Burlington, and eat the mot heaping plate of food that has ever been placed before me. I have a difficult time allowing friends to serve me, but I'd been led to the front of the line, and didn't want to hold things up, so I allowed it. Amazing. Pretty sure I gained 5 pounds in one meal. I didn't leave the chair I ate in, until I left. We're not meant to consume so much, though, apparently, it's that time of year. I am ready for whatever we do at home now. My contribution, was Pumpkin Pie. I made one, and it looked terrible. Having been at a holiday bazarre earlier, I picked one up with a better appearance. I can now say, better taste too. I try to bake pies every fall, and they never turn out as well as I'd like. It all takes practice. The first one is never the best, but at least I have soto enjoy here. Yum!
Another staple of tactics thanksgiving is ski porn.. Every meal begins the same way, we all o around, and say some thing were thankful for, which is then followed by a ritualistic showing of 'hot dog'. I think I have the name wrong, but m not sure.
After the movie, music came on, and everyone got into conversation. At one point my, and everyone else's conversations ceased. I looked following my friends gaze. Another grabbed my arm, and said, "look". Some brave soul had brought there lid to the gathering, and he was rocking out, doing ancredible performance using my cane as a dance partner. Apparently, I view my cane incorrectly. It made my night to see how much thrill and enjoyment could be ha, with my 4 prong quad cane! Apparany, it's a fantastic dance partner. Who knew?He helped me see that, perhaps, I should feel less burdened by needing to carry a cane. Because, like anything, it all depends on how you approach the situation. And, another thing to be thankful for!

Sonetimes I feel very cynical of my Burlington life. As in its difficult to appreciate the wealth of resources I have at my fingertips here. Last night hiwever made allI JC those feelings disappear. I felt so fortunate to realize that my old view of the Queen City do still exist, I've just been lioking in the wrong places!

The photo below is our host Chris, surveying the feast of practice Thanksgiving.


Marti said...

One of the most important keys to happiness is to be thankful for what what you have. I love it that you're so appreciative and so thankful for your life now. Your life will continue to get better and better!

Anonymous said...

What a great name for the gathering - practice Thanksgiving! I think you need to have a Practice Christmas, too!