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Friday, January 1, 2016

One-a-day~ Bringing it back!

I have let myself fall off the wagon, with respect to writing.  When I left the TBI rehabilitation program a ways back, I stopped making myself write.  This life is so full I now feel not documenting the details was a mistake.  So, here it is 1/1/16, a new year, brimming with possibilities, and new experiences.

Cheers, love, and gratitude to all of you who've stood by, to not only for the big events, or strange traumas, but also for the little everyday stuf, and of course, the big adventuresf.  No doubt about it, life is a long, strange journey, full of ups  and downs.  Though, through all of it, we have each other, our perseverance, and our beliefs to hold onto.  I am looking forward to the continued rebuilding of this life, and all it has to offer.  I hope we all can make light of the opportunities life brings this year!


Ash said...

Julie/Mom said...

So happy to see this post.....albeit short and's a new start! Can't wait to read more!
Love you the most,

Patricia Mcdonald said...

Hi Courtney! After spending this past week with you, I have realized (even more) what a truly amazing woman you are! With all of your challenges, you handle yourself with grace and courage. And, you teach patience to those of us who so desperately need it! Yes, please, keep writing...Love you!

Anonymous said...