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Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Happy Martin Luther King Day!  This is one my favourite federal holidays.  Feeling slightly ashamed, because I had completely forgotten today's the day to celebrate diversity, and was in my kitchen making a big mess, also cookies, and a casserole. The mess was rather catastrophic though.  Some days my mobility is terrible, today was one of those days, where I'm unsure of my motions, and because I don't mentally trust myself to have any physical competency, some days, my muscle spasticity is all the more debilitating. Idecided to make cookies first, and while foraging for the necessary ingredients, in realized I had the casserole ingredients as well.  So exciting...

My roommate helped me use the oven,as I was so shaky.   Although when the casserole was done, I pulled it out, and promptly dropped it.  Earlier, I had spilled coconut oil on the floor, and now green bean casserole. It was. A bad day for the kitchen floor.  At the end of the day, I feel more like I was bitch-slapped by my diversity, than able to celebrate it, but that's okay, because tomorrow is another day.  I hope that others were able to have more fulfilling holidays than mine was.  I also wish that the symbolism behind this holiday was more widespread.  A couple years ago, I went to a community event where people came together on a variety of volunteer projects for the local community.  Seeing people come together for the United good of their community, was so moving, and have this holiday  true meaning for me.  Until then, I had never really understood the symbolism of the holiday before.  Bringing people together to contribute to greater good of a community should be a WAY more central idea.  Go Vermont.

Happy Martin Luther King day, all!


Dad said...

Happy Martin Luther King Day to you!
I did a Spashathon at the Y in honor of Dr King and to raise money for the kids Bluefish swim team.
I know what kind of cookies I think:)

Julie/Mom said...

Sorry about the bad day physically but you definitely have right idea about celebrating diversity...I am so proud of you!
Love you the most,