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Sunday, February 1, 2015

These are the days!

"where anything goes."  It's a line from a song I Ove knew.  Best opening line, ever, am I right?  All jokes aside I often go back to this horrible place,,where I feel stuck, and cursed my lucky stars, and go off to ponder what may be next.  With brain injury rehabilitation, there's always work to be done, and new therapies to be realized and/or created.  However, I'm closing on 8 years of existing only to put my life back in some semblance of working order.  My Goal is mo longer to be the girl I was, but to find a way to make a difference in my obscenely negative world of misery.  Overkill?  Maybe.  Honestly, I prefer to only capture the more pleasant stories/details in life, so that has posed some difficulties in soe aspects of honest expression.  Everyday has its hardships, no matter the activities, though I'm certain we all face that, throughout our lives.

I'm also particularly indignant, from spending much of the last 3 days in bed, with a miserable seasonal illness.  Spent quality time watching too much Netflix, sleeping, and eating soup.  I started feelingbetteryesterday, but decided to lay low, and canceled my awesome plans to hold snowboarding,  and attend a potluck, and meditation in the evening"

Next week, my dad and I are headed to Iceland (yes, you read that right) and it's very important to me to be healthy enough to go.  It's only a 3 day excursion, but I haven't gotten to travel out of the country in ages, and could not be more excited.  Iceland is one of those places I've always dreamed of visiting.  From horses to glaciers, public funded health care and education, to glimpses of the nothrthern lights and hot springs, the country captivates me.  Yes, it's winter there too, so there will be less sunlight, butthe estimated temps are around the freezing point 32 degrees) so I won't mind.  Likely, it will be warmer than my current home state of Vermont.  So that's something to look forward to, though I'm right back at today, so I'll have be contentious about my wellness.

I saw my voice coach, Bill Reed, who primarily trains actors/actresses for performances, though his skills have proven to be exactly the kind of retraining I need to speak more clearly.  It's not technically speech therapy, which makes it difficult on my pocketbook, though, he has proven to be incredibly helpful, in the past couple years.

Currently, I'm at a restaurant with more food, writing before I head toOn Track, the gym where I do PT.  Often PT is one Fo the bright spots in my day, as I love being so active, and am  in constant appreciation of the progress they've helped me to make.  Much of my sessions are currently focused on balance, and increased coordination of my movement.  The progress is curse fly slow, though considerable, since I've started there.

After that, one of my closest friends from college is in town, so we have plans to catch up.  It's Amber!  I'm so excited to see her, we don't get to catch up often, so I'm pretty excited.  I've seen her twice in the past 2 years, on her present home turf, in the big city, and am very excited to catch up.  I don't have many close friends that are often available to catch up, around here, so, needless to say, this is my high point of the week.  And it's snowing today, which always makes me happy.  I desperately needed stuff to appreciate, after being home, in bed, for multiple days.  Yay, things are really looking up now:)


Julie/Mom said...

Sorry to hear you were sick...glad you're feeling better and, have a blast with Amber...hi from me. Glad to see you post this! Also, BON VOYAGE....can't wait to hear all about it!!
Love you the most!

Melissa said...

From the first day I laid eyes on you when you were in high school, I knew that you would always be the hot ticket that you were then-beautiful, intelligent, kind and a real go getter. You are an inspiration,Courtney. You go girl.

Patricia McDonald said...

Courtney, I have always wanted to visit Iceland too!
Have a great springs sound wonderful, don't they????

Love, Patricia