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Friday, June 6, 2008

Court's coming to Maine...

Hi All,
I know it's been a long time since an update was added. Courtney has been doing well continues to progress. It is a slow, steady, hard road to go for her. She continues to do her therapies and routine exercises.
I wanted people in the Maine area to know that I will be bringing her home for a brief visit on June 16th. She will be here until that weekend, not sure which day she'll head back to Burlington, VT. So anyone in the midcoast area or further is welcome to come visit or call her on her cell. She and we would love to see and/or hear from you. Thanks for keeping Courtney in your thoughts and prayers. It really does make a difference!
Love, Julie/Mom


Anonymous said...


I bet you'll love being back in your own home! Relax and have fun visiting! I wish I could be there but I'll see you soon in Michigan.


Aunt Marti

PS Thanks for the update, Julie. Have a great time with your girl!

Gordon H Stanley said...

Dear Doo:

I still log in every day or so to see the triumphs of El Fuego's mighty bloodline, she's quite a girl, and sorry I cannot see her this summer, but hope to perhaps this winter. My thoughts are with you and Marty as well, and I hope your pilgrimage to Michigan is a momentous one. It was a long time ago, but I remember having drinkie-poo's on the deck with El Fuego and the lovely Chiquita. Have a good summer, and see you when I'm looking at ya.

Le Frais

Anonymous said...

Court ~ I surely cannot wait to see you when you come home. Save some time for me! Love ya, Nancy

Lauren said...


Anonymous said...

Okay, so who saw Courtney when she came home to visit? I did! I walked into a house full of family and friends and there was Court sitting at the kitchen table reading her email. I had to wind my way through the crowd until I got to Courtney and then I bestowed upon her a huge hug. I don't know about Courtney but I felt so much better after giving her a squeeze and hearing her laughter. Julie made a wondrous refreshing Seabreeze drink for me and then we all wandered into the living room to plunk down on the couch, dog bed or whatever piece of furniture we could fine. No .. really! One of Julie's friends choose the dog bed. Now that doesn't really surprise me one bit for that is a comfortable place to sit! As a kid, I loved to curl up with the family lab on her dog bed. This time the pooch was obliging and found somewhere else to rest. Courtney enjoyed holding the world's furriest cat, nibbling on Ritz crackers, and listening to the storytelling. I hated to leave but this gal had to get home to bed to get up early and do it all over again! I look forward to seeing Courtney on her next visit and I hope that we can go out to the barn together and give carrots to Tao and Traveler. Keep up the good work, Court ~ Love, Nancy C.