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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whoa, June already...

Can't say I had a very exciting Memorial Day Though, the past week has been amazing!! I had some family visiting last weekend, and then, was able to go back to my homeland of Mid-coast Maine. While Martha and James were here, our major event was Shelburne Museum. We enjoyed splendid bagel sandwiches for breakfast, and then meandered into Shelburne Mseum. Each time I go, the ticket purchasing area is in the gift shop. This drives me nuts, because it's such a distraction. You buy the tickets and then pick out stuff to bring home, before even making your way out onto the grounds. I was always the kid who had to see everything in the gift shop, and now, it's like it'll be there in a few hours. We meandered around seeing the old ship Ticonderoga', the carousel, the blacksmith shop, some incredible art displays, and even, baby fox kits, peeking out from underneath a barn. It was ab eautiful, old fashioned Vermont day. The next day, we embarked our journey back to the Maine-land, full of many detours from the massive flooding, the Northeast has sustained this spring. What should be a 5 hr ride took about 6 1/2. Not too bad give the ridiculous detours.
The past week was all about me trying to figure out what do with myself this summer. I've been indescribably bored, before my injury, I simply could not understand why people did many of the ridiculous things they do. Now that class is over, and I don't have anything meaningful to do, I'm going a little crazy trying to find something meaningful to do with myself. Yesterday, I ran for 4 hour, because I needed to get my ass off the couch, and well, once I went out and ran with my baby-less jogger. I did a foolishly large run. About 7 miles give or take. I saw a whole lot of town, and I shockingly recalled my way around the north end of town.
I'm often thinking of myself as someone who must seem desperate for a child, because I push the jogger around, and I do et the occasional raised eyebrow or questionable remark. Although, interestingly enough, some of my concerns about others perceptions of me were somewhat lessened as I caught glimpse of a middle-aged man with a 5 o' clock shadow pushing an odd looking doll around in a typical stroller. I remember glimpsing this fellow before, and wondering what kind of a story I might hear, if I could ever muster up the audacity to ask. Never have. As terrible as it appears to my conscience, I felt somewhat relieved.I eventually made it to North ave. and felt relieved as I took a break in Battery Park.Once refreshed, and much happier, from a bit of food and water. Ended up making a strange loop, as I went down to the water front, andon the bike path to where North Beach was. The beaches we were all accustomed to have disappeared since the water level is so high this year.
I was probably gone for 5-6 hours and slightly tender in my calves, but no worse for wear, and a huge sense of accomplishment
In other exciting updates, I'm now working with a 'job developer' to help me find my way back into the workforce. Last week, we met with Greater Champlain Head Start, and Today, with an after school teen center program in Essex. Tomorrow, it's the ECHO center, where I worked in undergrad for a semester. I literally could not be more excited about this prospect. Thursday, were also meeting with The Lund Center, which has a similar mission to the Essex CHIPS program, however, is within walking distance of my apartment. Ideal, in terms of transportation.
Well, that's all for now folks, I'll try to keep better track of this life I'm leading, especially, asI begin to do more.


Marti said...

I love your baby less jogger references and the man with the odd doll.

Don't forget to mention the No Barriers Summit coming up in about 2 weeks!

Love you,

Aunt Marti

Julie/Mom said...

I had so much fun with you when you were here! I miss you and your antics around the place. The kitchen is finally "almost" done , just countertops and one cupboard.
The garage is set onto the pad and the baby robbins are still there! Yea!
Love you the most inspire everyone!